We back AI and PLG driven B2B SaaS startups.

We partner and invest in pre-seed and seed startups
founded by passionate founders.
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Why Us

At P10x Ventures, we do everything we can to help founders learn, grow, and achieve product market fit. We invest in big ideas and passionate founders.

Product Led Growth

Product-led growth is a business methodology in which user acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention are all driven primarily by the product itself.

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Product Led Growth

SaaS & AI

AI based Product Strategy combined with the best of the traditional tools like 3Ps, design thinking and lean start-up delivers effective outcomes.

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SaaS & AI

Industry Focus

Industry disruption happens only when founders think deep about the intersection of problems, solutions,  technology and user adoption.

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Industry Focus

Share the Pain

Founders go through thousands of decision making dilemmas everyday. We are there “for the founder”, “with the founder” at every step of the way making it easy to navigate the startup.

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Share the Pain

Where Do We Invest

We have experience creating and building successful startups in various industries, giving us a great vantage point to share our knowledge and put our connections to work for our founders.

Health Tech

Use of technology (databases, applications, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care.

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Health Tech

Healthcare Upscaled

HR Tech

Use of SaaS, AI, Conversational AI and ML to improve the recruiting, onboarding, retention, upskilling and training in the HR space.

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HR Tech

Enhancing Human Resources

Ed Tech

Use of SaaS and AI to deliver quality education to higher ed, including upskilling, bootcamps and certification courses.

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Ed Tech

Redefining Quality of Education

Future of Work

A horizontal solution in any industry to improve the productivity and collaboration across colleagues to provide more transparency and visibility.

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Future of Work

Productivity & Collaboration

early stage investors

Founders & Opportunities

We like to have a deep partnership with founders in the company strategy and execution. We like to support the founder’s vision with our own operating experience and network that we bring in.


We back passionate Founders. We like to deeply understand our founders and want to be part of their journey early-on. Ideally, we like to be the first ones to write checks in a pre-seed stage.


We strongly prefer startups to come out of the Product10x Accelerator programs. This will help us to understand deeply the founders, opportunity, product, sales, and marketing process. We, of course, make exceptions based on the founders and innovative ideas.

More Information

The P10x Team

We are founded by a team of entrepreneurs

We are a pre-seed and seed stage venture capital firm we wish we knew when we started our journey.